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is a global collection of 

social-ecological scenarios 

Creating a commons, 

to strengthen the practice



The Biosphere Futures Database holds

a large collection of case studies, references to key literature, practical resources

and more. 

Search for, connect with and learn from case studies across geographic locations, ecosystems, spatial scales and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.


The Biosphere Futures Database relies on contributions from scenario creators, participants and researchers from across the Earth.

A community of practice enables access to tools, ideas, and people. By contributing to this database practitioners can showcase their own work, discover similar work, and help develop a community of practice.

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Biosphere Futures builds a

global collection of social-ecological scenario case studies to support the emerging community of practice.

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A method for thinking creatively about possible and uncertain futures to make better informed decisions in the present.



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Scenario planning is a powerful tool for navigating sustainable development towards achieving the Agenda 2030. 

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