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Creating a Commons

A database is a tool - here is where we'll learn how to use it to strengthen the practice. On this page, you can find thematic pages that explore trends in our cases, as well as syntheses and analyses of our data.

Thematic Collaborations

Interested in a specific type of scenario? We've collaborated with research partners to present a couple of theme pages, compiling case studies from the database and suggesting a few additional resources for each area of interest. 


Our next meal

Food ties together nature, culture and health. How can we build sustainable, healthy and delicious food systems for the future?

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Moving mountains?

Mountains are unique social-ecological systems and provide vital ecosystem services. How can these systems maintain their functions in a changing world?


African futures

Within the next 30 years 40 percent of the world’s population is projected to be African - a good future for Africa means a good future for the world.


Local Knowledge

Indigenous knowledge is  essential for efforts to understand, manage, and connect with nature. In what ways can it guide our scenario practice?

Welcoming Analyses

We welcome use of our data for cross-case synthesis, ex-post assessment, or any other analysis that will strengthen the practice. To access the database as a CSV file, just email us.

Join the Conversation

Interested in making a theme page with us? Have an analysis that you'd like to see up on this page? Contact us at, or on twitter @biospherefuture

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