Mountain scenarios

Mountains are unique social-ecological systems that provide vital ecosystem services. 

Mountains - more specifically mountain glaciers - are also among the most visible and emblematic indicators of climate change. Glacier retreat impacts water provision for all people and economies downstream. Several regions in South Asia, Central Asia, and the tropical Andes are global hotspots for these dynamics; during the annual dry season, glacial meltwater is crucial for small- and large-scale agriculture, hydropower production, rural communities, and urban centers. Glaciers also have important spiritual meanings to many mountain communities. The disappearance of glaciers implies a substantial loss of cultural ecosystem services and impacts mountain residents' lives and livelihoods.


Below you’ll find scenario studies about mountain areas.

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This featured page is in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), a project funded by the Swiss Academy of Sciences and hosted by the University of Bern's Centre for Development and Environment. The MRI is a coordination network that drives research into the effects of global change on mountain social-ecological systems.

Biospherefutures is excited to collaborate with the Mountain Governance working group, which seeks to "address the critical need for better understanding and information regarding mountain governance challenges and opportunities." 


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