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Resources and Guides

Interested in a specific type of scenarios? Here we present a couple of theme pages, compiling case studies from the database and suggesting a few additional resources for each area of interest.

Participatory foresight toolbox - Van den Ende et al_edited.jpg

A toolbox with participatory foresight methods

Created by researchers at Utrecht University (in collaboration with CoCliServ and CGIAR), Towards a climate-resilient future together offers tools for community practitioners to get started organizing participatory futures workshops, and offers foresight veterans some novel ways to combine methods.



Field Guide to the Future

Created by CIFOR, ASB, and the World Agroforestry Centre, Field Guide to the Future offers practical, in-depth advice for four foresight methods: scenarios, projections, visioning, and pathways. The advice is written primarily for community practitioners.

IPBES 2016.methodological_assessment_report_scenarios_models-final.png

IPBES Methodological Assessment

Created by a global array of experts after a thorough analysis of available scientific knowledge, the IPBES Methodological Assessment Report on Scenarios and Models is responsible for many elements of scenarios discourse, including the categorization of scenarios used in this project. Essential reading for scientific practitioners.

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