No regrets – sustaining adaptive rural livelihoods in Eastern Indonesia

Enhancing the adaptive capacity of rural communities in Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara Barat Province.

This four-year collaborative project engaged provincial and local government, NGOs, businesses and communities to plan and test adaptation strategies that could enhance vulnerable communities’ incomes, while building the resilience of all stakeholders to long-term change and uncertainty. The project was intended to demonstrate an adaptation planning approach that could be scaled out in other rural regions of Indonesia.

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Nusa Tenggara Barat


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Erin Bohensky

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Erin Bohensky

No regrets – sustaining adaptive rural livelihoods in Eastern Indonesia


Butler J, Sutaryono Y, Kirono D, Darbas T, Bohensky E, Wise R (eds) 2016. Climate Futures and Rural Livelihood Transformation in Easter Indonesia, Volume 12 in Climate Risk Management. Pages A1-A10, 1-130

Butler J.R.A., W. Suadnya, K. Puspadi, Y. Sutaryono, R.M. Wise, T.D. Skewes, D. Kirono, E.L. Bohensky, T. Handayani, P. Habibi, M. Kisman, I. Suharto, Hanartani, S. Supartarningsih, A. Ripaldi, A. Fachry, Y. Yanuartati, G. Abbas, K. Duggan, A. Ash. 2014. Framing the application of adaptation pathways for rural livelihoods and global change in eastern Indonesian islands. Global Environmental Change 28; 368-382

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