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COMET-LA Scenarios Mexico

The research project Community-Based Management of Environmental Challenges in Latin America (COMET-LA) included three participatory scenario planning processes in contrasting case studies.

Scenarios were used to get people to think about the relationships between their systems and external drivers and possible futures they hadn’t been considering. Then, community members were asked to identify response options to achieve their goals and finished by evaluating the robustness of response options (i.e. the usefulness in the event of different plausible futures and shocks) and the implications of these, including for planning and governance.

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Oaxaca, Santiago de Comaltepec


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Kerry Waylen & Julia Martin-Ortega

Project member

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Kerry Waylen & Julia Martin-Ortega

COMET-LA Scenarios Mexico


Waylen KA, Ortega Martin J, Blackstock KL, Brown I. 2014. The COMET-LA scenario planning methodology. The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Waylen, K. A., J. Martin-Ortega, K. L. Blackstock, I. Brown, B. E. Avendaño Uribe, S. Basurto Hernández, M. B. Bertoni, M. L. Bustos, A. X. Cruz Bayer, R. I. Escalante Semerena, M. A. Farah Quijano, F. Ferrelli, G. L. Fidalgo, I. Hernández López, M. A. Huamantinco Cisneros, S. London, D. L. Maya Vélez, P. N. Ocampo-Díaz, C. E. Ortiz Guerrero, J. C. Pascale, G. M. E. Perillo, M. C. Piccolo, L. N. Pinzón Martínez, M. L. Rojas, F. Scordo, V. Vitale, and M. Zilio. 2015. Can scenario-planning support community-based natural resource management? Experiences from three countries in Latin America. Ecology and Society 20(4):28.

Brown I, Martin-Ortega J, Waylen K, Blackstock K. 2016. Participatory scenario planning for developing innovation in community adaptation responses: three contrasting examples from Latin America. Reg Environ Change 16: 1685-1700

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