Scenarios of Good Anthropocenes in southern Africa

This project aims to counter-act prevalent dystopian narratives and business-as-usual scenarios by creating radically different and positive visions of the future in southern Africa.

The main objective of this pilot study was to use creative visioning techniques to develop positive future scenarios for southern Africa. These scenarios were based on "seeds of good Anthropocenes", which are existing initiatives and projects that aim to enhance social-ecological sustainability. Apart from anchoring the scenarios in the present through the seeds, free rein was given to how different groups of participants developed their future trajectories - which was a transformative and inspiring process for many of the participants.

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South Africa

Western Cape


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Maike Hamann

Project member

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Maike Hamann

Scenarios of Good Anthropocenes in southern Africa


Hamann, M., Biggs, R., Pereira, L., Preiser, R., Hichert, T., Blanchard, R., Coetzee, H.W., King, N., Merrie, A., Nilsson, W. and Odendaal, P., 2020. Scenarios of good Anthropocenes in southern Africa. Futures 118: 102526.

Pereira, L.M., Hichert, T., Hamann, M., Preiser, R. and Biggs, R., 2018. Using futures methods to create transformative spaces. Ecology and Society, 23(1): 19.

CST-GRAID. 2017. Report on the Anthropocene Visioning Workshop, 15-18 November 2016, Cape Town, South Africa. GRAID project workshop. Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

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