Incremental scenario case studies across Europe

Scenario work that has been done in the case study sites: Dordrecht (NL), Jade Bay (DE), Bergen (NO), Golfe du Morbihan (FR), and Kerourien/Brest (FR)

We conducted case studies using a novel incremental scenario approach. With local actors, we co-developed visions of desirable futures, normative scenarios that might lead towards those futures, and inventoried ‘hinge points’: critical moments in time where things might lead to a better or worse future. To bridge the latter, specific information or climate services might be needed. The cases showed that the new approach could be applied and tailored successfully in a variety of situations. The novel notion of hinge points allowed us to inventory critical challenges and ambitions relevant to the local situation: climate-related as well as key socio-economic, legal, policy/political, and technological ones. It also resulted an inventory of key information and climate service needs.

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Incremental scenario case studies across Europe


Wardekker, Arjan & van den Ende, Mandy & Marschütz, Benedikt & Pijnappels, Marjolein & Hofland, Sandy & Bremer, Scott & Blanchard, Anne & Iversen, Lisbeth & Sluijs, Jeroen & Krauss, Werner & Rocha, Ana & Charlotte, Da Cunha & Baztan, Juan & Jaffrès, Lionel. (2020). Incremental scenario case studies. Report number: CoCliServ D2.2. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21117.18401/1

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