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Bring down the sky to the earth: using forests to make space for transformative pathways in local contexts

This project uses forest as a “focal thing and practice,” making the global climate change problem (the sky) relevant for local communities (the earth)

The aim of this project is to explore how to:

1. make anthropogenic climate change relevant for people in urban and rural contexts,
2. enable development of optional pathways and
3. develop measures tailored to face the climate change challenge.

The study engaged stakeholders in four Swedish municipalities. Stakeholders identified historical leverage points and shared their views on management strategies in their local forests. The research team compiled these insights into four forest management scenarios: Close-To-Nature (emphasizing biodiversity conservation), Classic Management (optimizing livelihoods for forest owners), Intensified (maximized harvested wood), and Combined (measures from Close-To-Nature and Intensified). The scenarios were then modelled for local forest landscapes over a 100-year simulation period.

The modelling effort helped stakeholders think through preferred management strategies, although there was no consensus. As a whole, the study highlights the need to focus on specific contexts when investigating transformation, and demonstrates the value of local collaborations.

The scenarios were made in:


The scenarios look out to:


Project facts


Växjö, Lessebo, Umeå, Vindeln


Submitted by:

Isabella Hallberg Sramek

Project member

February 6, 2023

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Isabella Hallberg Sramek

Bring down the sky to the earth: using forests to make space for transformative pathways in local contexts



Priebe, J., Reimerson, E., Hallberg-Sramek, I., Sténs, A., Sandström, C., & Mårald, E. (2022). Transformative change in context—stakeholders’ understandings of leverage at the forest–climate nexus. Sustainability Science, 17(5), 1921-1938.

Hallberg-Sramek, I., Nordström, E. M., Priebe, J., Reimerson, E., Mårald, E., & Nordin, A. (2023). Combining scientific and local knowledge improves evaluating future scenarios of forest ecosystem services. Ecosystem Services, 60, 101512.

Von Essen, M., Mossing, A., Mårald, E., Priebe, J., Reimersson., E., Hallberg-Sramek, I., 2022. Bring down the sky to the earth: the forests, climate and everything else [Ta ner himlen till jorden: Skogen, klimatet och allt det andra]. Cityprint i norr. 25 p.

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