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Future land use in the Fella river valley in the Northeastern Italian Alps

We developed local scale scenarios to see how the wider Fella river valley might develop in the future, and to see how we can decrease flood risk with appropriate land use planning.

The main objective of this study was to analyse how future land cover change could lead to increased hydro-meteorological risk in this Alpine region. In addition, we demonstrated how we can combine participatory scenario development with land cover change simulation. In short, the goals were:

- to develop future outlooks on how the region could develop in the near future

- to understand implications (of those future developments) for land use/land cover, particularly tourism and development of real estate for housing

- to understand implications for flood risk (as the valley is subject to flash floods)

It contributed to a project that dealt with hydrometeorological risk, and the study has shown that considering land use change on such local scales is of highest importance (together with climate change).

The scenarios were made in:


The scenarios look out to:


Project facts


Friuli Venezia Giulia, Province of Udine


Submitted by:

Žiga Malek

Project leader

September 6, 2022

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Žiga Malek

Future land use in the Fella river valley in the Northeastern Italian Alps



Malek Z, Boerboom L. 2015. Participatory Scenario Development to Address Potential Impacts of Land Use Change: An Example from the Italian Alps. Mountain Research and Development.

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Ziga Malek




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