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Transformative Food Futures for Sweden

This project describes four scenarios for the Swedish food system. Each scenario uses a different strategy to achieve climate, health, and biodiversity goals by 2045.

Four scenarios of future Swedish food systems in 2045 that achieve climate, health, and biodiversity goals in different ways. These scenarios are Food as Industry, Food as Food Tech, Food as Culture, and Food Forgotten.

The scenarios are built on existing narratives about transformations both inside and outside the Swedish food system. The project articulates a few ways those transformations might shape how the food system achieves Sweden's sustainability goals. The scenarios have been built on a background of years of consultation, and are part of a large transdisciplinary project that involves a wide variety of academics, food system actors, and food organisations.

The study is shaping research and engagement within a larger project and leading to the development of new models and discussion processes.

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Garry Peterson

Project member

January 31, 2023

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Garry Peterson

Transformative Food Futures for Sweden



Mistra Food Futures Report #1. Food as Industry, Food Tech or Culture, or even Food Forgotten? A report on scenario skeletons of Swedish Food Futures. Line J. Gordon, Klara Eitrem Holmgren, Jan Bengtsson, U. Martin Persson, Garry D. Peterson, Elin Röös, Amanda Wood, Rakel Avlstad, Shyam Basnet, Anne Charlotte Bunge, Malin Jonell, Ingo Fetzer (2022).

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