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Sustainability scenarios for Northern Europe

Using methods of the Seeds of the Good Anthropocene project, we developed a set of scenarios using existing bottom-up transformative initiatives to examine plausible transitions towards positive, sustainable futures for Europe.

By starting from existing, but marginal initiatives, as well as current trends, we aimed to identify system characteristics that may play a key role in sustainability transitions (e.g., gender issues, inequity, governance, behavioral change) that are currently under-explored in global environmental scenarios. This resulted in four positive and transformative scenarios (Global Knowledge for Local Management, Wild and Tele-connected, Creative and Collaborative, and The League of Cooperative Communities).

The scenarios were made in:


The scenarios look out to:


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NW Europe


Submitted by:

Garry Peterson

Project leader

October 7, 2020

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Garry Peterson

Sustainability scenarios for Northern Europe



Raudsepp-Hearne, C., Peterson, G.D., Bennett, E.M. et al. Seeds of good anthropocenes: developing sustainability scenarios for Northern Europe. Sustain Sci 15, 605–617 (2020).

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