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Torres Strait Futures

This CSIRO-Australian Government project applied participatory scenario planning with stakeholders to generate 'no regrets' adaptation strategies for vulnerable community livelihoods in Torres Strait.

The Torres Strait is a region of rich natural and cultural values, with tight linkages between its environmental assets and the livelihoods of local communities. Because of rapid and increasing rate of change and uncertainty, it is important to make predictions of potential changes and plan proactively rather than respond reactively. This requires the design of ‘no regrets’ strategies which bring benefits even in the absence of change, and which are flexible and therefore less likely to be ‘mal-adaptive’. Through participatory scenario planning with Torres Strait communities and stakeholders, informed by integrated ecosystem services, climate and resilience modeling, this project explored potential future scenarios for the region, identify ‘no regrets’ strategies to protect livelihoods and achieve sustainable economic development.

The results from the project's impact evaluation conducted in November 2014 showed that the multi-stakeholder participatory planning had built leadership and trust amongst the research team and participants. New social networks and innovative ideas were also generated by the process.The project's tools and processes are being applied by Torres Strait Regional Authority in its Community Adaptation Program, and the Queensland Government’s Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs has recommended a modified community consultation process for the State’s Torres Strait Planning Scheme to include adaptation strategies. The Joint Advisory Council of the Torres Strait Treaty has also endorsed the planning approach.

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Torres Strait Islands


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Erin Bohensky

Project member

October 16, 2019

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Torres Strait Futures



Butler, J.R.A., Bohensky, E., Skewes, T., Maru, Y., Busilacchi, S., Rochester, W,, Johnson, J,, Doupe, J. (2012) Torres Strait Futures: Regional Stakeholders’ Future Scenarios and Livelihood Adaptation Strategies -Technical Report. CSIRO

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